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Padma Pardhy Senior editor

Window Media Player has all the functions that a media player should have. Media player works best on Windows XP based PCs. It provides you with the best quality music, videos, photos, and images. It also provides us with lots of music and many other choices. Its cool new look will make your work much more easier.
It’s now much more easier to access your favorite media player. With windows media player the world of music is on your finger tips. In windows media player you are just one click far from the world of the largest music collection. You are also able to use 70 different type of devices with windows media player. You can remove the songs or other audio which you don’t need, and keep your favorite or important audio or video as per your preference. You can store the music in control given in windows media player that is library. You can even store different type of music in different type of albums so that it will be easy for you to identify all the stored library. And if you want to play music from a disk so you have to follow some easy steps open the main page where the songs are and the drag it to the play list and then enjoy it. You can also use the rewind or the fast forward button to play your favorite part of the song. So, if you feel that it is a great software then you have to download it.


  • You are able to listen to your favorite songs and also able to see movies.


  • Sticky interface, makes other programs slower.

Latest comments

  All comments (435)
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    Guest Last month
    Pros: Preinstalled, system app, plays some video and some audio files, since most of us have .mp3 and .wma files it shouldn't be a problem, it runs smoother and faster than most media players.
    Cons: No aditional codecs, updates once in 4 years or so, some .mp3 files don't work well and seeking is not supported on some, the interface is a beautiful mess.

    Personally I never use this player simply because I run into trouble whenever I like a song it is not played, because the encoding is not supported or the seek is not supported, or it stumbles onto a movie it doesn't play or it tries to install some external codec from Microsoft that takes up a lot of space and can only play one type of files. Microsoft still has a lot of work to do on this media player in order to make it work properly and without glitches. The interface is fine, maybe some minor adjustments but the functionality is a mess to its core.

  • 26
    Guest 2 months ago

    Why does Windows not have the codec for the player of Music Stream Radio?

  • 31
    មុត រិទ្ធធារាជ 3 months ago

    VLC Media Player is a lot better than this. But still good.

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